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Six Types of Hot-Selling Outdoor Angel Statues for Sale

1. outdoor angel statues for sale mily sculpture

Beautiful outdoor angel statues for sale on Mily’s official website are hot-selling products. The word angel comes from the Greek word “Angelos”, which means messenger. Angels are created by God and have been around since Genesis, usually, angels are considered to be guides of the soul. Angels have always been synonymous with purity and kindness, so they are deeply loved by people. Today we would introduce you to six types of the most common and beautiful angel statues. 

1. outdoor angel statues for sale mily sculpture

1. Praying Angel Statues

Praying angels are often depicted with folded hands, slightly bowing or kneeling. They symbolize the need to connect with God. Prayer is the way people communicate with God in Christianity and other religions. Some parents would depict the praying angel along with the child’s name or other symbols to represent blessing, prayer, and protection. There is a wide variety of Prayer Angel statues made in the Mily factory to best suit all your needs.

2. praying angel statues mily sculpture

2. Archangel Statues

The archangels are the highest “chief” angels, most notably Michael and Gabriel. Angel Michael often appears as a heroic figure holding a long sword and subduing Satan in the form of a demon. He is the embodiment of justice and heroism and is often portrayed as having a handsome appearance. In many people’s gardens, we often see the Michael Archangel statue.

2. archangel statues mily sculpture

3. Flying Angel Statues

Flying angels are symbols of rebirth and resurrection, and guides to heaven. Angels may appear in many different poses, each with its own unique meaning. An angel with outstretched wings and outstretched hands is thought to represent the soul flying to heaven. Such a flying angel statue is very suitable for a cemetery. It could help the souls of deceased relatives or friends reach heaven.

3. flying angel statues mily sculpture
flying angel statues mily sculpture

4. Trumpet Blowing Angel Statues

We often see some beautiful angel statues appearing in the image of blowing long horns in their hands. So, what is the symbolic meaning of these trumpeting angels? There are many references in the Bible to angels blowing trumpets and their connection to the dead on the day of resurrection. When an angel blows the trumpet in his hand, it means the coming of the resurrection day. Such angels are the representatives of the Day of Judgment because they are the heralds of the resurrection. This kind of angel statue is also very suitable to be placed in the cemetery.

4. trumpet blowing angel statues mily sculpture

5. Cherubs Statues

The cherubs statue we often see is often a naked child with a pair of wings on the back. A cherub is a type of angel that is a staple of the Bible and later Jewish literature but does not initially resemble a ruddy, bald, winged baby. The cute little angel is a symbol of innocence and purity. They frequently sing divine praises and serve as messengers between God and human beings.

5. cherubs statues mily sculpture

6. Fallen Angel Statues

In addition to the angel statues introduced above, we have also seen fallen angel statues. The most famous fallen angel is named Lucifer. Lucifer used to be the most beautiful and powerful angel in heaven, but because he refused to obey the Son, he led 1/3 of the angels to raise the flag of rebellion on the northern border of heaven. In the end, all the rebels were shot down to hell. We often see fallen angel statues in some themed museums.

6. fallen angel statues mily sculpture

These are the angel statues that the Mily factory often makes for customers. These statues could be made not only from natural marble but also from high-quality bronze. We have rich production experience. Whether it is the marble angel statues hand-carved by the artisans or the bronze statues cast by the bronze artisans using the lost wax method, they all have a high degree of reduction. If you are interested in the outdoor angel statues for sale, please feel free to contact us.

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