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Bronze Figure Sculpture

Here you can purchase the bronze statue you want, if not, we can customize them for you.

This bronze female statues shows a beautiful and sexy woman, which was designed by the famous artist Luo Lirong. This is one of many female sculptures designed by her, and it is very realistic.

The Bronze Boy & Girl Reading on Bench Sculpture with multicolored finish is a true standout of artistic excellence. The ideal addition to your home, this item features endearing children sharing a book and is part of Timeless truly inspiring Large Sculpture Collection.

The bronze outdoor sea captain statue at the helm makes people involuntarily imagine some experiences that may have happened to the captain. Whenever we see a statue like this, we could not help but stop and look at it.


Dance bronze statue is very suitable for enthusiasts of classical and craft works. The two raised their hands back to back, and the woman’s hair flew lightly. Milly’s artists showcased us the graceful postures of dancers, and these artworks with exquisite craftsmanship are unique.


Mily factory has many life-size military statues for sale. The soldier statues made by Mily factory have a high degree of reduction.

Artists from Mily Statue are good at using different materials to make astronaut sculptures. The bronze astronaut sculpture is one of the popular statue that clients customized for hobby or as a memorial landscapes.


The ballet girl bronze statue captures the essence of ballet in its purest form, portraying a ballet dancer mid-pose. Mily Foundry accept custom design and size.


If you want to order a bronze Mozart statue please don’t miss the Mily factory. Our custom statues have a high degree of restoration, and we would try our best to meet all your reasonable customization needs.

Bronze Quartet statue was designed by Richard Perry in 1986. It was placed in Chapel Bar, Nottingham city centre. They stood quietly in the center of the streets, contrasting with the surging crowd around them.


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