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Category: Metal Sculpture Project

Metal Sculpture Projects can range from abstract or modern art pieces for indoor/outdoor display to realistic wildlife depictions, public art installations, monuments, and even functional items like sculpture table bases. Providing fabrication, 3D modeling, mirror polishing for contemporary art metal sculpture. Curved Shape Sculpting

This outdoor stainless steel sculpture for sale is also named Mirror of Sky because the high-polished surface could perfectly reflect the views around. If you put it toward the sky, you could own the sky because the sky is the decoration of your house.

This large Arabic metal sculpture is popular for its unique, tall, and magnificent designs. If you also want similar stainless steel sculptures, please come to the Mily factory, we have rich experience in producing large metal sculptures.

There are various large metal leaves which have simple designs and could be used as modern street decoration. These large leaves are the work of professional stainless steel manufacturing teams and have been wildly used in many construction projects.

Highly polished stainless steel tractor statue with stunning craftsmanship details. The artists skillfully used the high polishing of stainless steel to create a smooth, mirror-like surface for every part of the tractor.

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