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Category: Bronze Classical Statues

Classic Bronze Sculpture · Lady Justice Bronze Sculpture, Venus de Milo Bronze Sculpture, Discobolus acc, Myron Bronze Sculpture, Winged David Bronze Sculpture, etc.

The Bronze Boy & Girl Reading on Bench Sculpture with multicolored finish is a true standout of artistic excellence. The ideal addition to your home, this item features endearing children sharing a book and is part of Timeless truly inspiring Large Sculpture Collection.

This goddess of victory statue is made of bronze with a patina finish. This statue has perfect workmanship and beautiful colors and would definitely satisfy you.

These beautifully designed bronze Mother Earth art pieces are cast in the finest bronze. These statues have perfect workmanship and beautiful colors and would definitely satisfy you.

This seated boxer statue is one of the famous bronze statues. This famous sculpture depicts a seated naked boxer. If you are interested in ancient Greek or Roman bronze statues, please feel free to contact us for more sculpture designs and info.

The original size of this icarus bronze sculpture is height of 330cm,and width of 240cm. The design inspiration for this sculpture comes from a trip to Greece shortly after the author learned how to fly an airplane

Mantle sculpture shows the three-dimensional mantle sculpture in the form of art, which is an excellent exquisite landscape sculpture. It can be placed in front of a municipal building, in a garden, or anywhere else

This bronze Spartan statue depicts an ancient Greek warrior from the city-state of Sparta. Such statues feature a highly detailed and realistic image of a Spartan warrior.


This is a life-size replica of the bronze lady justice statue. As is known to all, the goddess of lady justice is a classic bronze design and many of our customers tend to place it in their private area. Thus, the professional bronze casting team of Mily perfect manufactured a replica of this famous bronze statue.

This large bronze chariot and horses sculpture also called“The Quadriga of Victory”, must leave you a deep impression at the first sight. The four horses draw a large chariot and Victoria who is the Roman goddess of Victory drive the chariot. All of them are lifelike and extremely close to the original design.

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