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Category: Metal Figure Sculpture

Stainless steel figure sculptures are a captivating art form that combines the strength and durability of metal with the artistic expression of the human form. Depict realistic or abstract representations of the human figure in various poses and styles. Crafted with incredible precision and detail by skilled sculptors and metalworkers.

Such a metal wire fairy with dandelion sculpture is known for its ethereal beauty and delicate appearance. Sculptures like this would become beautiful landscape no matter where it is placed.


This is a magic stainless steel design and is favored by many customers. If you have seen this disappearing sculpture before, you would know how stunning this design is. The view you have seen would totally different from different angles. The sculpture would gradually be faded and disappear when you change the observing angel.

The stainless steel feather statue is a very modern art sculpture, and it is also a popular sculpture in the Mily’s showroom. The feathers appear to be separated from each other, but are actually confirmed to be connected

Such unique stainless steel figure sculptures are definitely wonderful landscapes wherever they were placed. We believe that you could be shocked by it when you see the real.

This metal figure sculpture could not only beautifies your garden or park but could also be appreciated as a work of art. If you are interested in it, please contact us soon.

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