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What’s the Meaning Behind the Bronze Bull and Bear Statues?

1.bull and bear statues mily sculpture 1

We often see some bronze bull and bear statues in front of some financial buildings. There are scenes of bull and bear fighting together, scenes of the bull and bear glaring at each other, and also scenes of the two on a seesaw. So what is the symbolic meaning behind such sculptures?

1.bull and bear statues mily sculpture 1

In fact, the bull and bear in front of the Financial Tower represent the bull market and the bear market in the stock market. Eighteenth-century Westerners chose the two species “bull” and “bear” when it came to representing the ups and downs of the stock market.

2.bull market and bear market mily sculpture

Why Choose the Image of Bull and Bear?

To ancient hunters, the flesh and blood of bulls were edible. Its head could be made into spearheads, fish hooks, etc., and the cowhide could be made into clothes, so the bull represents wealth. In ancient Rome, people had unlimited worship of cattle. Nowadays, people use the “bull market” to express the rising trend of the stock market, which represents a kind of expectation for wealth.

3.bull statue mily sculpture

Bears are also objects of worship to ancient Westerners. Many people in America and Europe believe bears have potent healing properties. Bears hibernate for 5 months every winter. During hibernation, bears could be awake at any time and could even conceive and bear cubs. When spring comes, bears return to the wild.

4. bear statue mily sculpture

People use “bear” to indicate a falling market, and its far-reaching significance lies in: the adjustment of the stock market is not controlled by people, just like bears could not be domesticated. A bear market is the digestion of a bull market, making it cycle again. Teach people how to be like bears, withdrawing from the hustle and bustle when necessary, waiting patiently, and being on high alert until the opportunity for rebirth comes.

5.bronze bull and bear sculpture mily sculpture

Characteristics of Bull and Bear Markets:

A bull market refers to a securities market with a long-term upward trend in prices. The market is generally bullish. There are more buyers than sellers.

6.bronze bull and bear sculpture mily sculpture

A bear market refers to a securities market with a long-term downward trend in prices. The market is generally bearish. The overall running trend of the bear market is a continuous decline. Although there is a rebound, the wave is lower than the wave, and the vast majority of people lose money.

7.bronze bull and bear sculpture mily sculpture

Why Do People Buy Bull and Bear Sculptures?

In the securities market, the rise and fall of stocks are inevitable. Bull and bear markets come and go, and people could not control them. But people still hold out hope for the bull market, wait patiently in the bear market, think calmly, and wait for the opportunity to be reborn. Therefore, people buy the bronze bull and bear sculpture standing in front of the building for the expectation of the bull market, and it is also a manifestation of people’s confidence in dealing with the impact of the bear market and breaking through the siege.

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8.2.bronze bull and bear bust sculpture mily sculpture

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