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# Large Marble Fountain



A large marble fountain is an indispensable existence in a mansion villa, or a large place such as a castle garden. It
could show the taste and status of the owner. No one could deny the presence of such a luxuriously crafted marble
fountain, as long as it is there, it is an eye-catching presence. We have made large marble fountains for many large
projects, consult us for more details.

large marble fountain
large marble fountain5
large marble fountain4
large marble fountain6
large marble fountain2



A hand-carved marble water fountain is for sale at the Mily factory. We could provide you with the widest range of beautiful outdoor fountains.

This marble statue and fountain originally sculpted by Waldo Story in Rome, Italy, combines the water fall with romantic figures, intricate floral embellishments, and realistic fish statues to create an intricate and luxurious fountain.

Marble Lion Fountain with Surround was carved by skilled sculptors, from quality marble stone.Accent your garden with this  Marble Lion Fountain in your garden or courtyard area is a great way of accentuating the beauty.

The marble fountain is made of A-grade natural material which is hard and beautiful. And the fountain is unique because every stone has unique grain. Thus, this beautiful water fountain would be a great decoration and a valuable artwork.

The marble Poseidon fountain must be an impressive garden decoration. The Poseidon stands on the top of the fountain and looks down at everything around him. Other figure statues have been used to decorate the fountain. There are lots of complex decorations on the surface of it and every detail is beautiful and exquisite.

The elegant marble fountain with lady statues will definitely make your garden even more attractive while you enjoy nature. Cute baby and elegant lady statues, with water gushing out of the mouth of a lion’s head, are the features of this fountain.

The majestic and imposing large marble fountain is being sold at the Mily factory. Whether placed in the garden or in the yard, such a fountain could definitely attract people’s attention in an instant.


The marble fountain carries the flowing water slowly, which is pleasing to the eye, and the gentle sound of flowing water soothes the body and mind and purifies the air. As for the courtyard, it is like being placed in nature, sober and calm, at ease.

This large modern garden water fountain does not have complex carving decoration but a simple design suit to be applied in many places. There are four fish statues around the fountain and some hand-carving decoration on the surface of the fountain. Every detail is exquisite and carved by professional carving masters.

This large modern outdoor marble fountain design gives people a gorgeous and luxurious feeling. Mily made this fountain with natural beige marble, which has a high quality. If you would like to buy such an outdoor fountain, please contact us quickly.


The marble fountain is made of natural white marble and handmade by professional carving masters. the water flows down slowly, which is a pleasing view for people, and the gentle sound of flowing water soothes the body and mind and purifies the air. As for the courtyard, it is like being placed in nature, sober and calm, at ease.

This white natural marble angel fountain is made of A-grade raw material and finished by top-level carving masters. It must be a valuable decoration and suit many kinds of styles.



Mily pursued perfect details and invite top-level carving masters to take part in the manufacture of each marble fountain. All of our hand-carving masters have practical experience for at least 20 years and could perfectly carve any fountain design. Their rich experience and superb carving techniques guarantee the high quality of our products.

large marble fountain
High-quality natural marble has natural beautiful veins. Artists carve and polish them totally by hand. Thus fountains could have smooth surfaces and water could flow successfully.
large marble fountain detail
Hand-carved column collocation conforms to the principle of me chanics and has a strong force-bearing capacity.
large marble fountain detail2
Natural veins on the marble surface scatter in different shapes.They are natural decorations given by the nature and make each fountain unusual.



There are marble materials in different colors for you to choose from. Each of those materials has its own characteristics and it is available to customize the color of your fountains according to your preference.

large marble fountain5

Natural White

Natural white marble has a fashionable and noble aura, natural texture is exciting, simple, and elegant.

large marble fountain color

Retro Beige

The classic and popular beige marble could not only reflect the historical retro sense of decoration but also express the modern fashion sense vividly.

large marble fountain6

Sunset Red

Sunset red marble brings a unique and elegant fashion sense. At the same time low-key and gorgeous.

mily marble color choose
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mily marble color choose5
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lease consult us for customization

Please consult us for more colors

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A professional design team could provide various support. No matters you customize fountains for decorating private gardens or large projects, our professional designers would make professional customizing plans and design drawings for you. It is also available to share your own design and give Mily the commission to produce your design for you.

large marble fountain design
mily marble fountain custom2



Mily is a professional sculpture factory, in the past 30 years, products of Mily have been sold to many countries like the United Statue, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Russia, Cyprus, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica, etc. Due to our high-quality products and thoughtful services, our products are increasingly popular and the factory has received much praise and feedback from our customers

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