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Do You Know the Story of the Fallen Angel Lucifer in the Bible?

Do you know the story of the fallen angel Lucifer? Among the many angel sculptures, the fallen angel Lucifer has always been a unique existence. He is different from prayer angels, trumpet angels, guardian angels, and little angels, who receive praise and affection from most people. Lucifer is a very diverse figure. In his actions and appearance, he is far more versatile than his angelic counterparts. This makes them complex and interesting and sparks the imagination of many artists and writers.

1. fallen angel lucifer story mily sculpture

Lucifer-Angel of God:

When God created the world, he created angels as his apostles. These angelic beings have unique roles and characteristics, but they share a common purpose. Their job is to worship God and serve his people. Lucifer is one of God’s angels. The name Lucifer means “Day Star” or “Morning Son”, which aptly describes his intended role.

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He has been described as “a perfect imprint, full of wisdom and perfect beauty… Every gem is his covering. He was perfect from the day he was created. Lucifer was fully dressed by the Creator. , enjoying infinite glory. This dazzling angel walked into the Garden of Eden and even had direct contact with God.

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Fallen Angel Lucifer-Devil Satan:

Lucifer has said in his heart: “l would ascend into heaven,l would exalt my throne above the stars of God;l would also sit on the mount of the congregation On the farthest sides of the north;l would ascend above the heights of the clouds,l would be like the Most High.” All of Lucifer’s appearance was a gift from God, yet this gift ultimately inspired his rebellion. Not only did he want to be admired by his peers, he also wanted to be equal to God. Because of his pride, finally he fell from the glory of heaven, was condemned to the pits of hell, and his name was changed to Satan.

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Satan, which means “enemy,” because when he disobeyed God, he became the enemy of God and all his people. In the Bible, Satan is also known as the king of Tyre, the devil, the dragon, the ruler of the devil, the serpent, etc.

6. fallen angel lucifer story mily sculpture

What Can We Learn from Lucifer?

Lucifer used to be praised by everyone and the angel favored by God. Because of pride and evil thoughts in his heart, he became the devil Satan and was imprisoned in hell. Maybe he still does not repent, maybe he has reflected on himself, but after all, he could not return to the status of an angel who enjoyed infinite glory before. From the story of Lucifer, we could know that no one could shape another person according to his will. Justice and evil are entirely up to you. This is a battle we would fight for our lives. Jealousy and pride want to invade us all the time, we need to stay sane and overcome all kinds of negative temptations by choosing humility.

7. fallen angel lucifer story mily sculpture

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