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Fiberglass Sculpture

Art quality fiberglass sculptures, fiber sculptures, fiber statues. Accept custom design and size. Free design and quote.

This life-size Super Mario statue brings the most favorite plumber image to life and adds a lot of fun to any venue.

This Disney mickey mouse fiberglass statue has a charming smile, big innocent eyes, and round ears, which makes it easily recognizable. We could make custom design and size.

Have you ever seen such a lifelike red fiberglass lobster statue? Mily Factory, which has rich production experience, could perfectly restore it for you.

Many seafood restaurants have placed this realistic lobster butler statue with tray in front of the door to attract customers. And Mily could customize any size of fiberglass lobster sculpture for you at a reasonable price.

This large dragon ball super Broly statue is for sale at the Mily factory. The Broly statue we made has a realistic image and a high degree of restoration. And we could also provide you with a factory price guarantee.

We often see some a life-size Kaws companion statue in large shopping malls or theme parks. The unique and bright appearance makes it very popular. Mily factory is able to restore 100% of such sculptures.

This is a perfect replica of the popular marvel figure spider-man resin statue. If you are interested, please leave us a message.

Are you looking for a life-size fiberglass horse statue that is well-made and realistic looking? We could tell you with confidence that Mily factory could meet all your reasonable needs and provide you with high-quality fiberglass horse statues.


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