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Marble Planter

Marble planters are elegant and stylish containers used for housing indoor and outdoor plants. Available in various marble colors like white, black, green, pink, and patterned varieties

This large marble planter, with a perfect blend of classical elegance and intricate detailing, is sure to elevate the charm of any garden or outdoor space. Mily factory could give you a factory price guarantee for this marble planter.

Have you ever seen such a beautiful marble outdoor lady planter? Mily has many kinds of beautiful and charming marble lady planters for sale. If you would buy one for your garden, please contact us as soon as possible.


Do you want to buy beautiful marble garden ornaments? If the answer is yes, then this tall marble peacock planter hand-carved by Mily factory would definitely satisfy you.

The Hand carved marble peacock flower pot is one of our best-selling flower pots, because the peacock is the most loving bird for freedom and peace

Simple and beautiful marble planters are being sold at the Mily factory. Mily factory has a wide variety of flowerpots for you to choose from, and we support customization.

Are you looking for reliable marble flower pots manufacturers? The marble flower pots produced by Mily factory are not only exquisite but also of good quality. We believe that you could buy the flower pot you want at Mily.

Handcarved marble cherub planter. Featuring elaborate hand carved statuary, accanthus leaf scrollwork all from a high grade light white marble. Naturally quarried marble all hand carved worksmanship.

Crafted from pure white natural marble, each marble planter pot embodies artistry and sophistication. With lifelike flower carvings, our marble planters add a touch of beauty to your garden or doorway.

This white marble planter with beautiful carvings is a popular choice for indoor and outdoor decoration. The exquisite carvings on marble planters are usually intricate and detailed, adding a touch of elegance to any space.


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