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Marble Religious Relief

Marble relief sculptures are commonly used as wall decorations for churches with different Catholic and Christian styles, as well as home decoration.

Our masters have many years of carving experience to make this marble’s last supper sculpture wall art more vivid. Custom design and size are welcome.

Beautiful hand-carved marble relief depicting Saint Michael the Archangel defeating Satan is perfect for churches and cathedrals. This masterpiece, made by Mily Factory, symbolizes the victory of good over evil.

Our Marble relief sculpture for the church uses pure natural marble materials. Their texture is very hard, and the carved artwork can be preserved for many years.

Mily offers a range of marble Last Supper sculptures and statues, providing options for elegant and religious additions to gardens and homes.

This marble religious relief is incredibly lifelike. Such reliefs could not only play a good decorative role but also provide a good place for Catholics to pray.


# Mily Factory – Professional in Carving Marble Religious Statues

Mily Art Sculpture is a professional religious statue manufacturing factory located in the Quyang County, Hebei Province, China. We desire to provide you with high quality and exquisite marble religious statues. Our statues would be hand-carved by top-level carving artisans and with their superb carving techniques, each tiny detail would be perfect displayed. Mily factory pursues perfect at every perspective of our products and service. If you need to buy marble Jesus statues, marble Virgin Mary statues, marble saint statues, marble altars, marble pulpits, or other  religious statues, please feel free to contact us.

mily factory professional in carving marble religious statues



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At Mily, we offer many kinds of marble religious statues. Request a free quote from us today! And You would get the 2024 marble religious statue catalog.


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Natural Marble Material
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Use A-grade Natural marble to carve each part of the statue and produce the best quality for you. Mily owns a specialized mine supply and could make sure A-grade marble supply.

Professional Design Team
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A professional design team could provide various support. No matters you customize religious statues or pulpits, our professional designers would make professional customizing plans and design drawings for you. It is also available to share your own design and give Mily the commission to produce your design for you.

Carving Details Show
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Mily pursues perfect details and invite top-level carving artisans to take part in the manufacture of each marble religious statue. All of our hand-carving artisans have practical experience for at least 20 years and could perfectly carve any design. Their rich experience and superb carving techniques guarantee the high quality of our products.

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Resist Bad Weather
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Mily factory uses natural marble to make religious sculptures. So our marble religious sculpture can withstand severe cold weather. It can maintain a good image for a long time even in the outdoors of perennial low temperature or heavy snow weather.

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Strong Packing
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The factory would use professional packages to protect marble religious statues from damage and buy full insurance at the same time.Both the factory and the insurance would protect the security of this trade and products.



Under the factory direct sales model, Mily Factory can provide you with one-stop service, and can also carry out mass production for you. This makes our marble religious statues favored by customers for their high quality and factory price. Of course, the more quantity you order, the more preferential price our factory will give you.



Mily is a professional sculpture factory, in the past 30 years, products of Mily have been sold to many countries like the United Statue, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Russia, Cyprus, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica, etc. Due to our high-quality products and thoughtful services, our products are increasingly popular and the factory has received much praise and feedback from our customers

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2. marble religious statues feedback
3. marble religious statues feedback
4. marble religious statues feedback
5. marble religious statues feedback
6. marble religious statues feedback

The quality of the marble is a crucial aspect to consider. Customers often look for a marble that is durable, has an attractive appearance, and can withstand the test of time. High-quality marble enhances the overall value and longevity of the sculpture.

When buying a marble religious sculpture, customers often consider factors such as the quality of the marble, craftsmanship, design, size, and overall aesthetic appeal. They may also pay attention to the historical or artistic significance of the sculpture.

The size of the sculpture depends on various factors, including the intended location and purpose. Customers consider the available space, whether it’s for personal devotion, a religious institution, or a public display. It’s important to choose a size that suits the intended setting and creates a harmonious visual impact.

Yes, customization options are often available for marble religious sculptures. Customers may have specific requests regarding size, design modifications, or personalized elements. It’s advisable to inquire with the seller or manufacturer about their customization capabilities and any associated costs.

To ensure authenticity, customers should consider purchasing from reputable sources. Research the seller or manufacturer’s background, check for certifications or endorsements, and look for customer reviews or testimonials. Authentic sculptures often come with provenance documentation, providing information about the sculpture’s origin and history.

Marble sculptures require proper care and maintenance to preserve their beauty and longevity. Customers should inquire about specific care instructions from the seller or manufacturer. This may include guidelines on cleaning methods, avoiding exposure to extreme temperatures or sunlight, and periodic inspections for any potential damage or deterioration.

It would take 60-70 days in total including 20-25 days to your countries, 20-25 days to your city, and extra few days to your home.

Of course, we would be glad to share some pictures or videos about the sculpture producing and packing. And you could also pay a visit to our factory and watch those processes in person.

The factory takes many measures to protect products from damage: 1) professional and firm package 2) buy full insurance for each product.

Customers may also consider factors like the reputation and credibility of the seller or manufacturer, price affordability, packaging and shipping options, and any additional services such as customization or installation assistance. These factors contribute to a satisfactory purchasing experience.

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