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How to Choose Marble Lion Statues for Your Space?

Marble lion statues are impressive decorative elements that add grandeur and symbolism to various spaces. More and more people are considering buying a pair of lion statues for their new house and garden. Below are some advice for you to make the right decision.

Different Symbolism of Lion Statues

Chinese lion statues:

Chinese lion statues are also called foo dog statues, fu dogs, or Chinese guardian lions. Lion statues are the most common auspicious beast in Chinese folk culture. It is the incarnation of wisdom and power. It has the meaning of auspiciousness, prosperity, and majesty, symbolizing status, dignity, and power.

marble chinese foo dog statues 2

Marble foo dog statues feedback from our customer

Lion Statues are mainly used as guardians. It is one of the auspicious beasts often used to guard the home and ward off evil spirits in Chinese traditional culture. Placing lions at the gate can ward off evil spirits, keep the peace, prosperous children and grandchildren, auspicious townhouses, door and courtyard decorations, etc. 

chinese white marble foo dog statues for sale

Source: Chinese foo dog statues from Milystatue factory

Buddhism was introduced into China during the ancient Eastern Han Dynasty. Buddhism believed that the lion represented the sacred, strong symbolic meaning of the mascot. Guardian lion statues are always placed in pairs.

Western lion statues:

In European Western culture, lion statues usually also represent courage, strength, and power. These statues are often placed at the entrance of buildings or public squares, as well as at the gates of their front yards, as a symbol of welcome and protection.

marble lion statues feedback 00006

In the ancient Roman Empire and the Renaissance, lion statues were also used as royal and noble symbols, symbolizing their status and wealth.

In the modern West, Lion Statues For Front Porch are also often used as decorations, and they can be seen in the porch, courtyard, or garden of a residence, adding a dignified and luxurious atmosphere to the environment.

4. lion statue with ball-Mily Statue

In addition, in some traditional European buildings, Lion Statues On the Front Porches are also used as guards, symbolizing the strength and determination to guard the home and protect the family. In short, lion statues also have a profound historical background and symbolic significance in Western European culture. It is a highly decorative and symbolic artwork for people in their daily lives.

Determining the Purpose and Placement

Lion statues are often used for decoration in traditional Chinese culture. They are usually placed in courtyards, factories, enterprises, banks, palaces, temples, pagodas, bridges, mansions, gardens, mausoleums, etc. We can all see it.

foo dog in front of government

Foo dog statues in front Chinese government

lion statue at the new york public library

Source: The exterior of the New York Public Library with carved lion sculpture

In the modern West, the most common is a pair of lions placed on the left and right sides of the door of the house, the entrance and exit of the passage, the gate of the garden, etc.

Style and Aesthetic Considerations

There are many lion statue styles you can choose from. We can make all kinds of marble lions, Chinese lion statues, Western lions, Gold Lion Statue, Merlion, garden lion statues, lions with wings, standing lions, squatting lions, lying lions, and so on.

marlbe lion designs (1)

Aside from symbolism, lion statues are also revered for their aesthetic appeal. The craftsmanship and intricate details of these statues add a touch of grandeur and sophistication to any outdoor space. Whether crafted from stone or other materials, lion statues can complement various architectural styles, enhancing the overall beauty of the yard. Their graceful poses and majestic features create a visually striking focal point, captivating the attention of people.

Get Personal with Customization (marble and size)

Mily Statue Factory is a very serious and hard-working custom sculpture factory. We have always applied our sculpture experience to sculpture production, so our sculptures are highly praised by customers. The statues are realistic and detailed. Prominence and the pursuit of perfection have always been our pursuits.


Our online gallery has many marble lion options to choose from, including Chinese lions, Western lions, and even flying lions. At the same time, our factory can also customize the material, color, and size of the sculpture, and customers can choose according to their own needs.

Budgeting and Cost Considerations

If bought directly from a Chinese factory supplier, usually a pair of 4-foot Chinese lion statues costs about $1,250 to $1,650. A pair of 4-foot Western lion statues cost about $2,700 to $3150.

This decides on the materials, some rare materials may cost a little more. and some stock lion statues have a very big discount.

Find a reliable supplier

China is known as the world’s manufacturing factory. With the development of the economy and the improvement of various industrial systems, China has the best environment to produce high-quality products and provide various customized services. Most importantly, production costs are low.

When we look for a supplier, the first thing we make sure of is that the supplier is real and can do business with you, not a fraudulent company. you can check its social media status to see if it has its own YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and other accounts, and then check its update frequency. If the supplier has multiple social media accounts and is constantly updating them, they are even less likely to be scammers.

Mily factory has a professional lion statue master. Highly skilled sculptors can carve marble lion statues to life, and excellent bronze casting masters can perfectly restore the details of lion statues by using the lost wax method. The masters in our factory are good at one art and only focus on the production of lion statues. Therefore, the lion statues for sale in our factory are well received by customers for their high quality. The factory direct sales model also enables our lion statues to be given to customers at factory prices. So, whether you want marble lion statues or bronze lion statues, please feel free to contact Mily factory, we have many kinds for you to choose from.


What do lion statues mean in front of a house?

People love to place lion statues in front of a house because they are not only decorative and symbolic, but also bring protection and good luck to the home. Whether as a way of personal expression or to create a unique look, lion statues are a popular choice.

What are the benefits of lion statues?

Lion statues are like your personal Feng Shui bouncers. They exude an aura of strength, courage, and protection. In ancient Chinese culture, they were revered as guardians, avoiding any bad juju that might try to sneak in. Think of them as your energy bodyguards, creating a safe and positive atmosphere.

Is it good to keep a lion statue at home?

lion statues are often associated with good luck and positive energy in many cultures. They are believed to bring protection, strength, and prosperity to the surroundings. Placing lion statues in homes, gardens, or other spaces is thought to ward off evil spirits, deter negativity, and invite good fortune. In various traditions, lion statues are seen as symbols of power, courage, and guardianship. In China, if you want to place a lion statue, it’s much better at the door than at home. While the concept of luck can vary among different beliefs and cultures, lion statues are generally regarded as auspicious and bring a sense of positive energy to their surroundings.

How much does a pair of lion statues cost?

A pair of 4-foot Chinese lion statues cost about $1,250 to $1,650.

Standing lion statue:

A pair of 4-foot Western lion statues cost about $2,700 to $3150.

A pair of 1.4m Western lion statues cost about $3500.

Squatting Lion:

80cm/90cm, a pair, costs about 2000$

Some lion statues are made in fiberglass or concrete, the price is much lower than natural marble. it will cost more if make a large size.

Mily’s sculptures strive for excellence, not only the appearance is very beautiful, but also the price is very good. So, whether you want marble lion statues or bronze lion statues, please feel free to contact Mily factory, we have many kinds for you to choose from.

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