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The most sensual marble statue, there is no one-Bernini’s “The Robbery of Persephone”

Baroque art

Throughout the entire seventeenth century, Baroque art, both at that time and in later generations, have mixed praise and criticism. However, no matter how the times change, there is no doubt that Baroque art created a great era and at the same time gave birth to Many great art masters have been recorded in the world art history. In the history of art, there are two people who can best represent the characteristics of Baroque art. One is the Spanish painter Peter Paul Rubens in the field of painting, and the other is the Italian sculptor Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini in the field of sculpture. .

Rubens "Mars and Rhea Sylvia"
Rubens “Mars and Rhea Sylvia”


Rubens, known as “the painter of the king and the king of painters”, is simply synonymous with Baroque art in the field of painting. He performed a great and colorful performance for the world throughout the seventeenth century. Rubens’ oil painting “The Capture of the Daughter of Sipas” shows a whirlwind of momentum intertwined with ups and downs of wildness, and has become a model that best represents the characteristics of his Baroque painting.

Rubens "Taking the Daughter of Sipas"
Rubens “Taking the Daughter of Sipas”


Compared with Rubens’ wild or even “crude” artistic performance, Bernini’s artistic style is relatively elegant. Some people commented that his art has “poetic language” and is full of Renaissance style. People called Rome at that time the “Rome of Bernini”, and the evaluation of his great talents was of epoch-making significance throughout the Baroque period. Such praise shows how noble and great Bernini is in the hearts of the world, compared to Rubens. There is nothing worse than it is.

Bernini “David”

Bernini’s sculptures are the same as Rubens’s paintings. The characters they create are always in fierce movement. The heavy marble is as soft as plasticine in his hands, allowing him to manipulate the figures at will. It seems that there is temperature and sensuality, and it is almost the same as the feeling of real people. Even the clothes seem to be hunting and fluttering with the movements of the characters. Even Michelangelo’s David does not appear so much in front of Bernini’s works. Alive.

Bernini "The Ecstasy of Santa Teresa"
Bernini “The Ecstasy of Santa Teresa”

Among Bernini’s sculptures is a classic work “The Robbery of Persephone” with a similar theme to Rubens’s oil painting “The Abduction of the Daughter of Sipas”, which is also selected from a story in ancient Greek mythology: Persephone Nirvana is the daughter of the god-king Zeus and the agricultural goddess Demeter. She grew up so beautiful that she was discovered by Hades and fell in love with her. Hades found his brother Zeus to express his intentions, and Zeus did not dare to offend his younger brother who ruled the underworld, and even acquiesced. So with the help of the goddess of the earth, Gaia, Persephone was lured to no one with a blooming daffodil. Hades broke out and dragged Persephone into the underworld and became his bride. Become a queen.

Rubens "The Robbery of Persephone"
Rubens “The Robbery of Persephone”

Bernini’s sculptures represent the moment when Hades came out of the ground and grasped Persephone. In the whole work, Hades’s sturdiness and violent and young girl Persephone’s tenderness and sadness formed a strong force. The contrast between the two characters, coupled with the fierce confrontation between the two characters and the dynamic details full of rhythm, gives the whole work an unexpected artistic effect and full of dramatic tension.

Part of “The Robbery of Persephone”

The expressions of the characters in the works are portrayed in detail, especially Persephone’s struggling posture and sad but helpless expressions are extremely vivid. What’s amazing is that the teardrops rolling down Persephone’s cheeks have been portrayed, showing that Bernini’s control of details has reached a level of extraordinary mastery. The most amazing thing is the detailed depiction of Hades’s hand grasping Persephone’s thigh. The meticulous performance of human skin and muscles under the influence of external forces makes every viewer amazed. It is probably the same as the editor. For a while, I couldn’t think of any language to express my inner praise.

Part of “The Robbery of Persephone”


This group of statues by Bernini is full of dynamic, spiritual and bloody. Under his superb skills, the cold marble seems to have its own expressions and movements, which makes Baroque art show full of tension in his works. Worldly passion. His outstanding artistic attainments made him the focal figure of the entire Baroque period and the most loved and respected artist of that era. Just as the Pope said when he picked up a paintbrush that fell on the ground for Bernini: “How honored you are to be picked up by the pope; and how honored I am to be in the same age as Mr. Bernini. “

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