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The Most Complete Guide to Buying Sculptures at Mily Art Sculpture

1. large outdoor stainless steel love letter sculpture modern art factory supplier

Mily factory has been making sculptures for many years. Every year, countless sculptures are shipped from our factory all over the world. Our sales staff are very knowledgeable about the import and export policies and ports of many countries. Even if you are buying sculptures abroad for the first time, under the professional guidance of our staff, you would have a good overseas buying experience. Now we would walk you through the entire process of buying a sculpture at Mily Art Sculpture.

1. large outdoor stainless steel love letter sculpture modern art factory supplier

Ways to Contact Us:

Our contact information is at the bottom of every page of Mily’s official website. If you are interested in our sculptures, you could contact us by phone, email, or leave a message on the message board on our official website. Although there may be time differences due to different regions, our sales staff would reply to your message in the shortest time after seeing the message.

2. contact information mily sculpture

Ask for Details on the Sculpture You Want to Buy:

Mily’s sales staff have extensive product knowledge. They could answer any questions you may have about our sculptures. And they are very patient and could always provide you with warm answers. You could consult them about the size, style, price, material, production process, etc. of the sculpture.

3.1. diverse sculptures for sale mily sculpture

Of course, if you want to customize marble sculptures, bronze sculptures, stainless steel sculptures, or iron products, you could also consult our sales staff. We had the pleasure of discussing the design styles of sculpture with some creative people. And the salesperson would convey your ideas to the designer and they would design your own sculpture for you. During the design process, we would also confirm to you, that if you are not satisfied with some parts, our designers would revise them until you are satisfied.

3.2.custom made letter sculpture art project mily sculpture
3.3.custom made letter sculpture art project mily sculpture

Production Process:

If you confirm the purchase of our sculpture, our sales staff would notify the factory to start the production of the sculpture. Mily factory has highly skilled and experienced masters in the field of making marble sculptures, bronze sculptures, stainless steel sculptures, wrought iron products, etc. They are capable enough to make your sculptures perfectly. In addition to this, we would show customers pictures and videos of your sculpture during the making process. We would also ask the customer to confirm after each stage is completed. If you have any dissatisfaction, we would also modify it in time until a satisfactory sculpture is produced for you.

4. making of letter sculpture mily sculpture

About Packaging:

Some customers may worry about the packaging of the sculptures because they are too far away. We hereby assure you that Mily Art Sculpture would come in strong packaging. Our wooden crates for sculptures are 3 cm thick and provide good external protection. At the same time, plastic film and soft foams are also wrapped around the sculpture. Strong packaging allows your sculpture to arrive safely. In addition, we would also purchase full insurance for each sculpture to avoid the interest losing of customers.

5. packing of sculptures mily sculpture

About Transportation:

Sculptures at the Mily factory are often shipped by sea. This is an extremely safe transportation way. And we would update you with shipping information for the sculpture. We would also send you detailed customs clearance and delivery procedures during the shipment. Even if you are buying products overseas for the first time, it could be done easily with our guidance.

6. shipping of mily sculpture

After-Sale Service:

The Mily factory would be responsible for the product and the customer. First of all, if you encounter problems during the installation process, you could also consult our sales staff. They would still give you a good and detailed response. Second, after you have purchased the sculpture for a period of time, they would visit you online to ask about the sculpture and your satisfaction. Again, if you have questions about sculpture cleaning, you could also consult the sales staff. They would also give you detailed instructions.

7. after sale service mily sculpture

It has always been Mily Art Sculpture’s mission to provide customers with considerate service, high-quality sculptures, and more favorable prices. If you are interested in our sculptures, please feel free to contact us. We are confident to be your best partner.

8. mily factory
Contact Us

Note: We will keep your information as secret. Please feel free to write down your requirement in the form above. We will reply you within 8 hours.

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