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Large Bronze Projects

The bronze man at work statue, Čumil, which peeks out his head under a manhole cover in the old town with a smile on his face, is popular with tourists and locals alike.


The bronze No Man Left Behind sculpture is a bronze monument to commemorate those who were injured during missions in the Marine Corps and those who never returned home.

Many clients customize replicas of this sculpture as a commemorative bronze sculpture from Mily statue

The Beatles statue on the Pier Head in Liverpool depicts the larger-than-life Fab Four casually strolling along the River Mersey. The statue features striking detail that renders each band member remarkably lifelike.


The Beautiful and attractive bronze female sculpture is made by the Mily factory. No matter where you place it, it would instantly become the point of people’s attention.

High-quality bronze sports statues are selling well in Mily. Mily has many kinds of the same series of sports sculptures. They are all quite realistic and vivid. If you would like to place such a sports sculpture in your garden or in front of your house, please contact us quickly.

This must be one of the most amazing large outdoor fountains you have ever seen. This bronze water fountain is decorated with both large horse statues and figures statues. And all of the statues are lifelike. These beautiful statues make this outdoor bronze fountain stunning and different from other designs.

The realistic bronze running horse sculpture gives people a feeling of galloping happily on the wide grassland. It is so free and unrestrained that everyone who sees it is shocked. If you are interested in this sculpture, please feel free to contact us.


This bronze bodybuilder sculpture is carefully carved in real-life proportions, and every inch of tendons and lines accurately captures the strength and glory of this giant in the fitness and film industry.

This life size Marilyn Monroe statue bronze sculpture captures her classic moment in the movie “The Seven Year Itch” with natural colors, exquisite details, and exquisite craftsmanship.

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