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How to Install Outdoor Bronze Sculptures in Your Garden

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Outdoor bronze sculptures are loved by people because of their lifelike expression, unique metal texture and strong corrosion resistance. People buy bronze figure sculptures, bronze animal sculptures, bronze abstract sculptures, etc. to install in their gardens or other outdoor places. This requires outdoor bronze sculptures to be firmly fixed on the ground to prevent safety issues caused by strong winds, earthquakes or other external forces, and minimize the risk of accidents or injuries. Today, we will introduce you in detail 3 solid bronze sculpture installation methods and the applicability of these installation methods.

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1. Use Iron Frame Embedded Parts

Iron frame installation generally requires 2 times of cement pouring. The first cement pouring is to clean up the sculpture installation site before the sculpture is transported to the destination, and then make a layer of cement foundation to harden. When pouring the cement for the first time, an iron frame skeleton is added to the cement. When pouring the cement for the first time, it is necessary to leave a part of the iron frame. When the sculpture is installed, the embedded parts of the iron frame under the sculpture are welded together with the iron frame in the cement, and finally the second pouring is carried out. This installation method is relatively firm and strong.

1.1.1. bronze sculptures
1.1.2. installation preparation for the bronze sculptures 1
1.1.3. cement pouring

The use of iron frame embedded parts is suitable for the installation of medium and large outdoor bronze sculptures. For example, landmark bronze sculptures, bronze horse-drawn chariot sculptures, large bronze figures, etc. Especially the installation of medium and large bronze sculptures in public areas with a large flow of people.

1.2.1. bronze animal statues

2. Insert Steel Bars on the Bronze Sculpture

This method is that the factory firmly welds the steel bars to the inner skeleton of the sculpture during the bronze sculpture production process. When the bronze sculpture arrives, place it at the installation location, then determine the location of the steel bars, remove the sculpture, and punch holes according to the marked ground location. The size of the hole is slightly larger than the diameter of the steel bars at the bottom of the sculpture. After that, install the sculpture, fill the holes on the concrete floor with cement, and it will be successful after the cement solidifies.

2.1.bronze animal statues

This method is suitable for small and medium-sized bronze sculptures such as bronze figure statues, bronze deer, and bronze leopards installed outdoors. The resettlement site is the cement hardened ground. If the customer allows drilling and inserting steel bars on the indoor ground, it can also be applied indoors.

2.2. bronze figure statues
2.3. bronze animal statues

3. Combination of Copper Sheet and Expansion Screw

The method involves welding small perforated copper sheets around the base of the bronze sculpture. When installing on the cement-hardened ground, it needs to be fixed with expansion screws. This installation method is suitable for small and medium-sized bronze figures, bronze animals, etc. This way is more convenient and simple to operate. And if you want to install this already installed bronze sculpture in another place, it is also easy to move.

3.1. bronze animal statues
3.3. expansion screw
3.3. use of expansion screw

The above are several commonly used bronze sculpture installation methods. Each method has its own characteristics, you can choose according to your needs. Of course, if you want to consult more details about the installation method of outdoor bronze sculptures, please consult the professional sales staff of Mily factory. They are familiar with each installation method and can provide you with professional online guidance.

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