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How to clean stainless steel sculpture?

Many urban sculptures use stainless steel as a material to produce a variety of vivid and meaningful sculpture works. Under the sunny sunshine, the stainless steel sculpture reflects the colorful halo, filling the modern city with a romantic atmosphere, adding more warmth and interest to people’s lives. Since the stainless steel sculpture is so beautiful, should it be well maintained? Here let’s look at the seven maintenance skills of stainless steel sculpture.

Stainless Steel Care:

1. Regular cleaning: Clean stainless steel sculptures regularly, and this is very important. When cleaning, first apply neutral detergent to the surface of the sculpture, and then wipe the surface with a fluffless towel. For large stains, you can spray them with a manual spray gun, and then wipe them with a dry towel, remember to be gentle.

clean the stainless steel sculpture 4

2. Dry environment: Some sculptures need to be placed in an unventilated environment, while stainless steel sculptures are placed in a dry environment to protect them.

3. Perspiration prevention: Sometimes some of the sweat of the human body will also lead to the rust of the stainless steel sculpture, therefore, it is recommended to wear gloves when holding it by hand, one is to prevent the stainless steel sculpture from scratching the back of the hand, and the other is to prevent the sweat from causing the corrosion of the sculpture.

4. Crevice cleaning: When cleaning the gap of a stainless steel sculpture, it is best to wet the cotton ball and then wipe it, wipe it from head to end along the crack to prevent any omissions, and remember not to wipe it directly with a wet towel.

clean the stainless steel sculpture 3

5. Heavy dirt cleaning: If the dirt on the rusty steel sculpture is too heavy, first blow it with a cold air hairdryer, then clean it with a wheat brush, and finally finish it with a soft brush, do not use metal polish or any other solvent.

6. Scratch repair: For the scratches on the stainless steel sculpture, as long as it is not very serious, it can be polished and repaired, if the scratches are serious, you need professionals to help.

7. Waxing protection: After cleaning the stainless steel sculpture, it is coated with a thin layer of microcrystalline wax (that is, colorless wax), basically once a year.

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RFQs about stainless steel sculpture

Does vinegar clean stainless steel?

Yes, vinegar contains a certain amount of acid, but the performance is weak, so you can use it to clean stainless steel, it is recommended to choose the right way and a soft fluffless towel to scrub, and reduce the reaction speed.

Can I use oil on stainless steel?

Vegetable oil applied to the stainless steel surface has a protective effect. It protects the sculpture from oxidation. However, if it is covered by oil for a long time, oil dirt will form on the surface, so it is not particularly recommended to clean stainless steel with oil.

How to make stainless steel look new again?

There are a few things you can use to make stainless steel brighter and fresher:
Mosquito-repellent ash
Baking soda
Pineapple peel water
Stainless product cleaning powder

What will tarnish stainless steel?

Exposure to sensitive substances: Such as 304 stainless steel in the Marine environment is easily corroded.
Electric field corrosion: Stainless steel contact with some liquid, and other substances directly form galvanic cells, resulting in corrosion.
Structural damage: Stainless steel under the influence of mechanical forces, temperature, etc., the internal atomic arrangement changes, which will lead to a decline in corrosion resistance.

What could remove oxidation from stainless steel?

There are several effective methods to remove oxidation (rust) from stainless steel:

Baking soda paste

Lemon juice and salt

Cream of tartar and vinegar

Commercial products: Use specialized stainless steel cleaners and rust removers

Does baking soda clean stainless steel?

Yes, after cleaning, you need to dry the surface with a dry towel.

Does toothpaste clean stainless steel?

Yes, after cleaning, you need to dry the surface with a dry towel.

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