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How Much Do You Know About Life Size Mermaid Statue?

1. life size mermaid mily art sculpture

Life-size mermaid statues are often beloved for their beautiful and charismatic appearance. People buy bronze mermaid statues and place them in their gardens, next to fountains, or by the sea as decorative items. Some people put it in the open outdoors as a landmark. So how much do you know about the life-size Mermaid statue? Today let’s explore the knowledge related to mermaids.

1. life size mermaid mily art sculpture

What Is A Mermaid?

Mermaids are creatures in ancient legends, mentioned in Chinese, Japanese, and even ancient Greek legends, and are usually depicted as a humanoid with an upper body and a fish with a lower body. One of the earliest life-size mermaid legends appeared in Syria around 1000 BC. It is said that the goddess Atargatis fell in love with a mortal, but she accidentally killed him. In shame, she jumped into the lake. Because the gods there did not allow her to give up her beauty, only her lower body became a fish, while her upper body remained humanoid.

the sea maidens 1896 evelyn de morgan

What does a mermaid symbolize?

Mermaids have contradictory symbolism. This is because, in sailor folklore, mermaids represent both luck and disaster. On the one hand, she is often seen near ships at sea, seducing sailors with her attractive and sexy appearance, and dragging them into the sea to die. Or she would summon a storm that would kill the ship and its sailors at sea.

frans francken i allegory the ship of state

On the other hand, mermaids are popular among sailors. They believe that mermaids are beautiful, intelligent, kind, could withstand natural disasters, ensure good weather and help them find a safe way back to land.

the little mermaid by e.s. hardy

In contemporary times, the image of mermaids has been adopted by the transgender youth network Mermaids UK. This organization was created in 1995 to support transgender and/or gender-diverse children and youth. Since mermaids have no reproductive organs, their gender is irrelevant, which provides a powerful symbol for the community. The ‘Person of the Sea’ statue was created by Eve Shepard after two years of working with transgender and gender-diverse youth at the UK’s Mermaid Museum.

mermaids logo
person of the sea bronze statue

Where is the famous mermaid statue?

The famous Little Mermaid statue is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. This is a bronze mermaid statue created by Edward Eriksson based on the Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale of the same name. This statue commemorates the sad little Andersen story of the mermaid who gave up everything for the hopeless love of the prince. This mermaid outdoor decor has become a Copenhagen icon.

the little mermaid by e.s. hardy 1

What are the advantages of a bronze mermaid statue?

Bronze mermaid statues are usually made of copper, zinc, and other metal materials. Metal materials such as zinc could make copper statues have sufficient hardness. Mermaid statues made of high-quality bronze materials could have a long service life outdoors. Bronze life-size mermaid statues at the Mily factory could be as high as 80 percent copper. size mermaid statue for sale mily art sculpture

Bronze mermaid statues could have excellent external effects under professional coloring methods such as spray painting and chemical coloring. The colorists at Mily’s factory have mastered various coloring methods and could color your mermaid statue according to the customer’s preference. And over time, the exterior color would become more natural.

4.mermaid statue decor mily sculpture

Do you know the making of mermaid statues?

The life-size mermaid statue in the Mily factory requires a 1:1 clay model before being made. Clay mold making is very demanding for the masters. Because only a very realistic clay model could provide a perfect reference for the subsequent casting.

bronze mermaid statue clay molds mily sculpture

The casting process of the bronze mermaid statue is also complicated. The lost wax method to cast a mermaid statue requires 33 steps. Workers at the Mily factory have mastered the craft. They used silica sol instead of ammonia when using the lost wax method. In this way, the surface of the bronze mermaid statue finally cast is very delicate.

5.mermaid statue decor mily sculpture

The Mily factory has been making bronze mermaid statues for many years. We have a wide variety of life-size mermaid statues for sale for customers to choose from. If you are interested in bronze mermaid statues made in our factory, we could let you use our clay molds for free, which would save you a fortune. If you want to customize the mermaid statue, our excellent designers have enough ability to design a satisfactory mermaid design style for you. What are you waiting for? Please contact us as soon as possible.

mily art sculpture
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