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Top 12 Veiled Lady Marble Statues for a Stunning Garden Vibe

raffaelle monti veiled vestal 1847

Veiled marble satues, usually carved from marble and suggesting a face or body partly obscured behind fabric, had first become popular a hundred years earlier, in the 1700s. Veiled lady marble statues are highly renowned sculptural works that showcase the incredible skill and artistry of the sculptors who created them. Whether portraying the Virgin Mary, classical allegories, or anonymous beauties, these exquisite veiled marble statues have become iconic sculptural treasures prized for their technical virtuosity and timeless elegance.

History of marble veiled statues

Imagine, if you dare, the haunting beauty of a marble statue concealed by a gossamer veil, ensnared within the grasp of a meticulously plotted garden. It is a vision few could deny, a revelation of opulence and refinement that transcends the mundane. Particularly captivating is the veiled lady, an archetype of elegance forged in marble, her existence shrouded in an air of mystery that stretches back through the corridors of time.

From the bygone whispers of the 1850s, an Italian sculptor named Giovanni Strazza birthed the Veiled Virgin, a creation that transcends the realm of mere craftsmanship. Carved from the very essence of Carrara marble, this statue breathes life into the veiled visage of the Virgin Mary. Her countenance, as if eternally locked in serene supplication or mournful contemplation, captures the very essence of human emotion suspended in stone.

To sculpt a veiled woman, to evoke the ethereal through marble’s enduring embrace, demands a craftsman of unparalleled mastery. It is with reverence that we present the 12 most arcane Veiled Lady Marble Statues, each a conduit to a world beyond, a garden that beckons to ancient secrets and forgotten dreams.

1. Veiled lady marble bust

veiled lady bust sculpture mily sculpture

(Beckon forth: Marble bust of the veiled lady)

An ageless replica of a 19th-century masterpiece, this marble sculpture shrouds the Virgin Mary in a veil so diaphanous it defies the bounds of reality. Her eyes, as though sealed by aeons, bear witness to a sorrowful narrative etched within the stone. A crown of blooms rests upon her marble brow, whispering of guardianship from realms beyond. Behold, the veil’s graceful cascade and the delicate replication of Strazza’s artistry, now tailored to your abode by Milyart’s arcane touch.

2. Giovanni Strazza – The Veiled Virgin, 1850s

A masterwork conceived by the illustrious Giovanni Strazza, the Veiled Virgin reigns as an embodiment of the sculptor’s eldritch prowess. Forged from Carrara marble, this ethereal marvel, wrought with sensuality, defies the very nature of its medium. The veil’s embrace transcends the mundane, a cosmic dance between solid and spectral, and within its folds lies the enigma of a lost era.

veiled virgin mily

3. Raffaelle Monti – The Sleep of Sorrow and the Dream of Joy, 1861

Raffaelle Monti, a conjurer of life-sized phantoms, summoned the ethereal with a touch that defies reason. “The Sleep of Sorrow and the Dream of Joy,” an invocation whispered into the annals of 1862’s London Expo, remains ensnared within the Victoria and Albert Museum’s embrace. A tale of dual seraphs, the veiled and the watchful, evokes the very essence of sorrow and dreams woven in celestial fabric, a testament to Monti’s otherworldly mastery.

monti, raffaelle, the sleep of sorrow and the dream of joy

4. Raffaelle Monti – Sisters of Charity, 1847

A paean to divinity, “Sisters of Charity,” birthed from Carrara’s heart, are the epitome of Raffaelle Monti’s genius. Veils as thin as the gossamer touch of cosmic winds grace these seraphic figures. Heads bowed, eyes cast in reverie, they stand eternal in their sacred garden. Crowns of blossoms confer a regal air upon their forms, evoking celestial guardians from aeons past.

raffaelle monti sisters of charity

5. Chauncey Bradley Ives – Undine Rising From the Waters, 1880

“Undine Rising From the Waters,” a ballet of marble and fantasy, is Chauncey Bradley Ives’ spectral opus. A veiled siren raises her visage to the heavens, her form entwined in marble’s embrace, as if the very elements themselves sought to adorn her with a diaphanous gown. An allure, both haunting and divine, exudes from this embodiment of aquatic dreams.

undine rising from the fountain


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6. Giovanni Maria Benzoni – Veiled Rebecca, 1864

Giovanni Maria Benzoni, a sorcerer of stone, weaves a tale of veils and transformation. “Veiled Rebecca” immortalizes the sacred moment when the Hebrew Bible’s Rebecca covers herself in modesty. The marble fabric, once rigid and unyielding, becomes flesh-like in its embrace, as if body and veil were forever entwined in an eternal waltz.

the veiled rebecca mily

7. Raffaelle Monti – Veiled Vestal, 1847

In 1847, Raffaelle Monti unveiled “Veiled Vestal,” a hymn to the Vestal Virgins of ancient Rome. Marble, in his hands, bends and weaves as a cosmic loom, crafting a veil through which sunlight herself dare not resist. The priestess’ tranquility is palpable, an arcane force that soothes and beguiles all who tread upon her realm.

raffaelle monti veiled vestal 1847

8. Antonio Corradini’s “Veiled Truth”

Antonio Corradini’s “Veiled Truth,” hailing from 1752, is a cryptic memorial to Raimondo di Sangro’s mother, forever enshrined in Naples’ Cappella Sansevero. This manifestation of sculptural mastery drapes cloth as if spun from moonbeams upon her form. Her secrets whispered only to the shadows, remain locked in marble’s eternal grasp.

antonio corradini’s “veiled truth” mily

9. Marble Bust of The Veiled Virgin Mary

Behold the enigmatic “Marble Bust of The Veiled Virgin Mary,” a relic both familiar and arcane, offered upon the altars of Amazon. A distant echo of Strazza’s vision, it conjures a resonance of its own. The round marble pedestal becomes a cosmic nexus, a bridge between ages that echoes with the mysteries of the past.

marble bust of the veiled virgin mary

10. The Veiled Christ Sculpture

The Veiled Christ was carved by Italian sculptor Giuseppe Sanmartino. It was produced in 1753 and, as the named suggests, depicts a dead Christ covered in a veil. To this day the sculpture is considered to be one of the most impressive works of art ever made and another Italian sculptor, Antonio Canova even said he would willingly give up ten years of his own life to produce a similar masterpiece.

the veiled christ

11. The Veiled Nun, Giuseppe Croff

The Veiled Nun (ca 1863), by an unknown Italian sculptor (previously attributed to Giuseppe Croff), is housed in the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. It was previously housed in the Corcoran Gallery of Art.

he veiled nun, giuseppe croff

12. Luo Li Rong Veiled Sculpture

2.bronze female sculpture mily sculpture

Source: Famous Luo Li Rong Sculpture

A conjuration of the modern era, Luo Li Rong’s marble sorcery bewitches the senses. A female form, caught in a dance with the wind, her gown a tapestry of crinkled marvels. Each fold, each crease, whispers of invisible zephyrs, as if the very cosmos conspires to adorn her in ephemeral elegance.

How veiled lady marble statues are made?

The crafting of veiled lady marble statues, an alchemical ballet between sculptor and stone, transcends mere technique. Their forms, carved from the marrow of premium marbles, conjure a dance of translucent fabric clinging to ethereal flesh. The veiled women, veiled no more, stand as conduits between the worlds, expressions and forms intertwined in a cosmic pas de deux. At Mily Art, the artisans of the arcane labor to sculpt not only statues but cosmic gateways, each piece an incantation etched into the fabric of time. From the veiled to the unveiled, their beauty graces the ages, bound to enchant for generations to come.

How much does a marble statue cost?

Generally, a marble statue can cost between $800 and $3,000, depending on the design and size of the work. It will cost about $800 to $1,200 for a 30 inches marble bust, and about $1,500 to $3000 for a life-size marble statue. It will cost a little more if make custom marble statues.

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