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White marble angel statue

The lifelike qualities of the angel’s form and the intricacy of the statue’s details create a sense of awe-inspiring realism. This exquisite piece is a tribute to the mastery of our craftsmen and the timeless beauty of marble as a medium.

Our enchanting collection of marble garden cherub sculptures, each a harmonious blend of divine beauty and musical artistry. These exquisite statues, meticulously crafted from pristine white marble, feature four cherubic angels, each playing a different instrument.

This white marble angel statue is one of the most popular marble statues. It applies advanced hand-carving techniques and finally creates such a fantastic holding torch angel for you. This angel sculpture is exquisite from the decorations of clothing to the details of leg muscle. The professional design makes this statue amazing and deserves your concern.

The life size angel statue and a little girl perfectly capture an extremely touching moment. The angel is wearing a long dress and holding the cute little girl’s hand.

A cute life size white marble angel statue is selling well in Mily. The polished technique makes its surface quite shiny and beautiful. If you are interested in this cherub marble statue, please feel free to contact us for more information.


This fantastic white marble angel statue is a goodness of the ancient Greek, named Nike. This statue portrays a beautiful angel holding a beautiful crown and further in her hand. It is a perfect artwork handmade by top-level carving masters and all details of the statue are exquisite and impressive. And such a wonderful statue must be an excellent decoration which deserves customers’ attention.

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