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large stainless steel sculpture

It is a large stainless steel sculpture whose massive size and abstract sculptural shape make it the focal point of an area.

This large stainless steel outdoor sculpture is great for placing in open spaces. Lighting effects at night add to its charm.

This large metal flower has the potential to be a landmark in cities. The whole sculpture is made of high-quality stainless steel, the polished surface could easily reflect any beautiful views around. No matter where you place this stainless steel flower, this would always be the center of attention.

There are various large metal leaves which have simple designs and could be used as modern street decoration. These large leaves are the work of professional stainless steel manufacturing teams and have been wildly used in many construction projects.

The stainless steel feather statue is a very modern art sculpture, and it is also a popular sculpture in the Mily’s showroom. The feathers appear to be separated from each other, but are actually confirmed to be connected

Highly polished stainless steel tractor statue with stunning craftsmanship details. The artists skillfully used the high polishing of stainless steel to create a smooth, mirror-like surface for every part of the tractor.

Spectacular and bright, this large outdoor steel sculpture is nine meters high and mirror-polished. Mily could custom-make a perfect replica of this stainless steel sculpture in any size.

Polished large abstract stainless sculpture growth is the most popular metal sculptures in Mily factory, and has been used as decoration in many private gardens in homes of our customers. Thus this statue must be a wonderful outdoor decoration.

The surface of the stainless steel giant tulip sculpture has been finely polished and reflects silver and red luster, making it shine beautifully day and night. Each petal of the flower and leaf has been carefully forged by the artists.

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