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famous Greek statues

Apollo and Daphne–a marble artwork in the Baroque style in natural size, made by the Italian artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini. This great artist captured the moment when Daphne transforms into a laurel tree, and their facial expressions are even more dramatic. If you want to get such a perfect replica of the sculpture, Mily Statue must be the best choice!

Marble statue of moses is a sculpture by the Italian High Renaissance artist Michelangelo. This sculpture is seen as a reflection of the humanistic spirit,therefore pursued by many humanists. The muscles and facial expressions of Moses’ sculpture are very realistic.

This goddess of victory statue is made of bronze with a patina finish. This statue has perfect workmanship and beautiful colors and would definitely satisfy you.

Mily Statue has made many famous Greek god statues in different designs and styles. One of them is the God of Wine, Dionysus garden statue. Thousands of admirers of Dionysus came to Mily, and custom this statue for decoration indoors or outdoors. We also gained their satisfaction with Mily!

Abduction of a Sabine Woman is one of the most beautiful and difficult famous marble statues in the world. It’s made from a single block of marble by Giambologna. The original statue is 14 feet high. But as a 41 years manufacturer, Mily Statue’s masters can use their exquisite carving technique to recreate this classic work!

Mily have made many classical greek sculpture replicas for countless customers. Marble farnese atlas statue is one of the hot-selling statues we made. And we also have a rich stocks of Greek figures and statues for customers to choose from directly

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