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bust statues

This exquisite Julius Caesar bust sculpture is hand-carved from pure natural high-quality marble. It has clear marble lines, is durable, and could perfectly decorate your home. It is very suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Our white marble Medusa head bust is a lifelike depiction of the mythical Gorgon. Her haunting skull face and serpentine locks command attention and fascination wherever she is displayed.

If you have a keen interest in statue from the ancient Greek period, then this marble Medusa head statue would be one you could not miss.

This marble statue of David bust is hand-carved and polished from pure natural marble by Mily’s world-class masons. It is very delicate and elegant.

This extremely exquisite and vivid marble pirate sculpture bust is hand-carved by Mily world-class artists and is made of pure natural high-quality white marble with clear vines and durability.

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