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Tag: bronze lion statues

This bronze lying lion statue in natural and beautiful colors is definitely a great decorative item. Mily factory is also able to provide you with a one-stop service and factory price guarantee.


We take great pride in presenting our latest addition – the magnificent Bronze Lion with Ball Statue, a symbol of strength, courage, and grace. Our factory utilizes high-quality bronze materials, ensuring these lion statues have exceptional corrosion resistance, allowing them to maintain their impeccable appearance for years to come.

This bronze lion statue with wings was cast by the Mily artist using the traditional lost wax process and accurate patina, making the bronze winged lion statue very lifelike.

Marvelous large bronze lion statue looks impressive in gateposts, entryways of gardens, and commercial buildings. Outstanding size and high-quality bronze. Mily Factory is also able to provide you with a one-stop service and factory price guarantee.

This winged lion statue is cast by Mily artist from high-quality bronze. The lion steps on the ball with one foot and looks straight ahead. It is very powerful and majestic.

Our bronze lion statues are hand-made, fabricated in the ancient lost wax method, and are true works of art. Perfect for a home entrance, school mascot, zoo, storefront display, resort, wildlife park, or any facility seeking a high-quality work of art. Original size:55″x35″x81″ L&R

This extraordinary lion and lioness statue showcases a heartwarming scene of a majestic lioness with her playful cubs, bringing to life the essence of strength, grace, and maternal love.


What a realistic bronze lion statue is! Mily factory made this lion statue with high-quality bronze materials. The realistic and fierce lion statue would shock everyone who sees it. If you would like to buy this lion statue, please feel free to contact us.


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