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Bronze horse statue

Such a unique bronze horse with wings statue would definitely hit your heart when you see the real one. The bronze horse statues sold in the Mily factory have a high-cost performance. If you are interested in it, please feel free to contact us.


This bronze Andalusian horse statue was hand-cast by Mily artist using the ancient lost wax process. The horse stood on the stone and swung its tail and head. It was very spectacular and magnificent.

This striking bronze statue set captures an affectionate moment between horse and rider in truly life-like detail. Add a touch of life to your outdoor space and garden with one of our outdoor horse statues.

This custom Bronze Sculpture Horse Jockey will last a lifetime. It comes with a corrosion and rust free guarantee. Custom Design and size.

Add a touch of life to your outdoor space and garden with one of our outdoor horse statues. Over 200+ horse statues designs for your choice.

Exquisite bronze sculptures of horses and men are masterfully crafted, displaying remarkable artistry that can elevate your decoration. Custom Design and size.

The design of bronze jumping horse statues could be customized from standing, and running, to raising their front hooves. Many clients place bronze horse statues in gardens, courtyards, or other places to pray for good luck.

Apollo and bronze chariot statue is a really popular outdoor decorative sculpture! It’s suitable for many scenes such as gardens and hotels. At the same time, it symbolizes strength and wisdom, reminding people to remember their original intentions and strive to achieve their dreams. We have many skilled masters to make this statue for you!

This bronze 8 running horses statue is hand-cast by Mily artist from high-quality bronze, with natural color and high quality, very suitable for tourist area projects.

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