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2024 Best Marble Outdoor Fountains

1. marble outdoor fountains

Looking for beautiful and popular marble outdoor fountains for your garden, courtyard, park, or square is the most suitable in this hot summer. Today we will introduce you to the best and most popular 8 marble fountains in 2024.

1. marble outdoor fountains

Source: Marble trevi fountain replica

Marble Horse Fountain:

This is a white marble pony fountain. In the center of the fountain pool is a fountain core with three layers of bowls. On the base of the fountain core are four sculptures of horses with wings. Six exquisitely carved flower pots are scattered around the fountain pool. You will be awed and amazed when the bright flowers you have planted bloom to complement the entire white fountain. More importantly, this marble horse fountain can also add lighting effects, which can still be brilliant at night.

2. marble horse fountain

Source: Garden marble horse water fountain

Trevi Fountain:

We can see that at the center of the Trevi Fountain is a magnificent sculpture depicting Neptune, the Roman god of the sea. Neptune rides a chariot pulled by two magnificent seahorses, one wild and unruly, symbolizing the rough sea, and the other calm and peaceful, representing the calm sea. Delicately crafted, these sculptures convey a sense of movement and power, capturing the essence of Neptune’s mythological realm. The original Trevi Fountain is about 26 meters (85 ft) high and 49 meters (161 ft) wide, making it one of the largest fountains in Rome. It is customary for tourists to throw a coin over their left shoulder into the fountain, believing that this will ensure their future return to Rome. If you want the same style of marble Trevi Fountain smaller than the original one, you can contact the Mily factory.

3.1. marble trevi fountain
3.2. marble trevi fountain

Marble Lion Fountain:

This marble lion fountain is a fine masterpiece. As you approach the Marble Lion Fountain, the first thing that catches your eye is the majestic lion. Carved to the smallest detail, the lion sculpture exudes strength, grace, and dignity. The marble used for the sculpture is rustic, smooth, and polished, giving it a radiant and timeless appearance. The lion is majestic and majestic. Its muscular form is beautifully rendered, demonstrating the sculptor’s skill in capturing the essence of this noble creature. Water flows from the lion’s mouth in gentle cascades, adding a soothing and dynamic element to the fountain. The sound of trickling water further enhances the peaceful atmosphere.

4. marble lion fountain

Source: Marble lion water fountain

Concord Fountain:

When you approach the Concord Fountain, you will be attracted by its elegant appearance and harmonious design. The fountain consists of two large pools decorated with intricately carved sculptures and is topped by a tall obelisk known as the Luxor Obelisk. The fountain’s pool is dotted with decorative motifs, including mythical creatures, cascading water features, and intricate details. Water flows gracefully from the upper basin to the lower basin, creating a soothing and tranquil atmosphere. If you want a smaller Concorde fountain of the same style to be placed in other places such as gardens or squares, please contact the staff of Mily factory. We have made the same style of marble Concorde fountain and it is well received by customers.

5. marble concord fountain

Source: Natural Stone Marble Figure Water Fountain

Marble Wall Fountain:

This marble wall fountain is rich and beautifully carved. The little angel at the top is blowing the screw horn in his hand. The cherubs on both sides of the central part rest peacefully with their eyes closed. In the middle of the two cherubs is a woman holding a jar, from which water flows continuously. On the base part, there are two squatting lion sculptures with lush hair and a lifting figure. They are like the patron saints of the entire wall spring, and people can feel at ease when they see them. Such a wall spring is very suitable for installation in one’s own house.

6. marble wall fountain

Source: Marble Lion Wall Fountain with Cherub Statue

Marble lady Holding pot fountain:

The Marble Lady Holding a Jug Fountain is a glamorous and elegant masterpiece, exuding elegance and beauty. As you approach the marble lady holding the planter fountain, your eyes are drawn to the lifelike depiction of the lady herself. Standing in a graceful pose, she exudes a sense of poise, serenity, and timeless beauty. The marble used for the sculpture is brilliant and flawlessly carved, emphasizing the delicate features and smooth lines of the figures. The lady is depicted holding a jar, which is the focal point of the fountain. The jug is the source of flowing water. Delicate streams of water pour gracefully from the jug, creating a captivating and soothing sight and filling the surrounding area with soft and pleasing sounds.

7. marble lady holding pot fountain

Marble Water Ball Fountain:

This unique fountain features a large marble ball that appears to defy gravity as it gracefully rotates and rolls on a thin layer of water, creating a stunning visual spectacle. As you approach the Marble Water Ball Fountain, your attention is immediately drawn to the central marble ball, which serves as the focal point of the display. The ball is meticulously carved from luxurious marble, exhibiting a smooth and polished surface that reflects the surrounding environment, adding to its allure. It is often adorned with decorative motifs or intricate patterns, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. The meaning of the Water Ball Fountain lies in its symbolic representation of harmony, balance, and the eternal cycle of life.

8. marble water ball fountain
8.2. marble water ball fountain

Source: Marble sphere rolling ball fountain

Fountain with Carved Beads:

The fountain design is simple and understated, with the focal point being a series of finely crafted beads that create a visual and aural delight. As you approach the fountain with its carved beads, you notice its unpretentious presence. Fountain structures are often sleek and simple, allowing carved beads to take center stage. Beads are hand carved by artisans with great craftsmanship and precise details. The simplicity of the design is the beauty of the entire fountain. Each bead is carefully carved, shaped, and arranged in a harmonious pattern. Whether it is a tranquil garden, a minimalist courtyard, or an interior space. Such marble water fountains will become a focal point for quiet contemplation.

9. fountain with carved beads

Where Could You Buy These Marble Fountains?

These eight are the best and most popular marble garden fountains for 2024. If you are interested in one of the marble outdoor fountains, please feel free to contact Mily Factory. Because Mily Factory is a professional supplier of marble fountains, and the masters in the factory have rich experience in fountain production, they can produce marble fountains with high satisfaction for you. In addition, the Mily factory can also give you the factory price, the more you buy, the bigger the discount for you.

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